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Welcome to Fashion Hut Jewelry

Here you'll find Fun, Sexy Celebrity Style Body Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry in today's hottest styles.  
If its Body Jewelry your looking for, we carry a huge selection of belly button rings. Reverse styles top down navel rings, Navel shield belly rings that are very popular and definitely make a statement. A selection of dangle belly rings with bright, beautiful colors 14kt Gold belly rings that sparkle and shine, and have all the glitz and glamour you want without costing a fortune. Crystal navel rings, dolphin navel rings, initial belly rings too. Our body jewelry is superior quality at great everyday low prices. All of our products are available in various materials (i.e. 316L Stainless Steel, Grade 23 Titanium, Bioflex, etc.) so we know our body jewelry is just right for you. Do not miss our huge selection of cartilage earrings and Cartilage piercings An array of different styles/designs and color cartilage earrings such as crafted out of 316L Surgical Grade Steel , some PVD Plated either in black or other assorted colors. A variety of Gold Plated cartilage earrings on 316L SS, even crafted out of 14k Gold . Majority of our Cartilage Jewelry comes with CZ Gems (singular or encrusted with a variety) in assorted colors, shapes, and sizes. Some carry a simplistic design either a silhouette of a popular shape and symbols, We also carry a variety of Dangles and trendy Double Chained cartilage earring styles. If your looking for Nipple Rings, Nipple bars with dangles, CZ Nipple Shields or the very comfortable Bioflex PTFE Nipple bars or Nipple rings, we have a little bit of all.
We're sure to have something that fits your style as well as our Nose Jewelry like Nose Rings, Nose Piercings & Septum Jewelry which have become increasingly popular these days especially Septum Clickers. This very subtle piercing can make a very bold statement, which is why nose ring jewelry has become such a hot seller in body jewelry. 
All our Industrial Barbells are crafted out of 316L Surgical Steel, polished to a shiny mirror finish either straight or bent with style in a variety of colors with or without added embellishments. The Industrial barbell also comes PVD Plated on steel in red, blue/aqua, pink, green, black, purple, and also rainbow coated from end to end, or just the ball threads itself. Some Industrial Body Jewelry is Gold Plated, others have press fit CZ Gems either on the ball threads or center of the bar. Our threaded metal balls come in different styles such as spikes -- in different colors, sizes, from round balls to fun ones.We have a wide variety of Industrial piercings to choose from for every type of taste and style.

If Fashion Jewelry is what you seek like Earrings in unique styles including crystal cuff earrings that don't require a cartilage piercing or toe rings in a variety of styles from Crystal stretch to Sterling Silver or Sexy & hip Anklets we carry that and so much more.
Our earring collection ranges from everything from Surgical steel hoops to sterling silver stud earrings and the hottest celebrity styles of Earring Climbers and Earring Wraps.
Warmer weather means shorts, flip flops along with toe rings and sexy & hip Anklet styles. Dangling anklets as well as silver anklets. Bohemian style anklets are a huge trend this season and we're happy to be able to offer them to you. Our Anklet with Toe Rings attached are hot and so comfortable to wear. Let's not forget about the Pink flamingo anklet that has always been a huge seller as well because its very sparkly and cute. If its cute or sexy anklets your looking for we have a little something for everyone. 
Then there's Toe Rings, Sterling Silver toe rings in a variety of styles & adjustable for comfort or Crystal stretch toe rings that are cute, fun & super sparkly and come in an array of crystal colors. Give your toes some pizzazz and show off your style.
Our Beach Boutique jewelry is Summer themed Fashion Jewelry and Body Jewelry. Everything from sexy Anklets and Toe Rings to Cartilage Earrings and Nautical Navel Rings as well as Beachy Belly Rings that scream Summer from beautiful Turquoise and Flower designs to Nautical Designs and Seashore and beach ready fashion jewelry. 
Fashion Hut Jewelry is always listing New Arrivals with New Body Jewelry & Fashion Jewelry. We are always looking for the newest and hottest styles to bring you the Hottest Trends and Celebrity Styles. Check back often as we are always updating.
Any questions along the way, please let us know. Thank you for visiting and Happy Shopping :)


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