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Ways to Accessorize with Jewelry


by Gina Warren

 Whether you call it fashion jewelry, costume, or trendy, accessorizing with jewelry has always been one of the easiest ways to update an outfit on the go and lift it to a whole different level.  Let's face it, we accessorize our homes with seasonal accents like candles and pillows, and change colors to create different moods or atmospheres all while keeping staples in our rooms in place so why not do the same with our wardrobes? 
 We live in a time of rushed outings, meetings, invites, and strained budgets so it has become even more important to use outfits that we already have and give them completely different looks to make them new and fresh or elegant and trendy by incorporating new fun pieces of fashion jewelry!  
A workplace outfit can easily go from business attire to a night out when paired with a chunky necklace, trendy earrings, and body jewelryAdjustable sterling silver toe rings can double as brilliant interchangeable stacked rings and midi finger options with fun and endless possibilities! That coupled with a nose stud or hoop can instantly give you an edgier vibe!  
Adding a fun or elegant anklet to sandals or heels can give an entirely different feel to an outfit and stacking them allows you to create a look that's unique and completely your own. 
Try tying a knot in a plain t-shirt or scarf and add an elastic charm or holiday bracelet around it for a look that says fashion forward. 
 A rhinestone snowflake pendant on a simple pom-pom hat says fun and sparkling in the sun ensures people will take notice.  
There are countless ideas and accessorizing with fashion jewelry ensures that your new looks can be limitless!  Don't be afraid to try new ideas.  Mix gold and silver, rope and metal. Add a waist chain to a vacation outfit or wrap it around your wrist. Change colors with the seasons and layer multiple necklaces for a fun or flirty look. Own color pieces that represent your birthstone. Add color to an otherwise simple outfit. Play with neutrals.  Pick some eyebrow rings to match your eyes or your feelings. Enjoy a festive holiday piece of jewelry to boost your mood and everyone else's around you!  
Shift your mindset and think outside the box!  There are no rules and THAT is a beautiful thing! 

 - Blog written by Gina Warren in conjunction with Fashion Hut Jewelry
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